Fleet Maintenance

Save Time on Inspections

Paper Forms are a thing of the past. They take time to fill and take space. Create custom forms for different scenarios to be used on the mobile apps. These inspections can be scheduled automatically such as daily or weekly schedules. This will also help you identify any issues before your vehicles head out to work.

Track Repair Costs

Manage all of your repair costs from one simple dashboard. Upload all repair receipts, notes and invoices to each vehicle. This will help keep track and analyse all of the costs of each vehicle individually.

Maintenance Tasks

Create customised reminders to notify you about important tasks such as servicing and licensing documents. You can also set reminders for several services, by different triggers such as: engine hours, distance driven and last service.

Licenses and Documents

The system has a facility to add license information for each vehicle and it will reminder you automatically when these will be expiring.