Route Planning with Optimisation

Advanced Route Planning for delivery or distribution companies

This module is designed to reduce costs, optimise the delivery routes and automatically it will also improve the service quality to your customers.

Detailed Optimisation

  • Plans the routes based on the vehicle, size, weight and load capacity


  • Optimise multiple delivery locations and vehicles based in priority, capacity, traffic and delivery terms

Cloud Based

System accessible from the same web-based cloud portal of your Fleet Management. No software to install. Only Web Browser needed

Pick-up & Delivery

The system caters for pick-up and delivery facilities, with multiple stops. The delivery information can be easily imported to the system or entered manually.

Dedicated Driver App

The driver receives the route on the smartphone in Real-Time. Any updates from the Manager or additional routes will be received by the driver seamlessly

Real-Time Status Update

The driver will update the status of the order in Real-Time from the smartphone app and it will automatically be reflected back to the Route Planning Module. Thus the Manager will have a complete overview of what is happening with the deliveries

Optimised Route

The Manager can choose to optimise the route from each specific delivery/s. The route is optimised on multiple factors including traffic, route calculation and optimisation quality


The driver can receive the routes via Google Maps or Sygic for more optimisation features making it the ideal solution for deliveries.


Having strong APIs you can choose to receive routes automatically into the system directly from your E-Commerce or ERP platform. This will result in huge Time-Savings

Client Database

Create your client list in the system or import them from your current system, to be able to assign order more easily.


The best solution for light vehicles, smaller fleets and routes with a small number of delivery points.


Suitable for businesses, delivery and distribution companies that have a complex route planning processes, with light or heavy vehicles that require complex route optimisation.