Trackmt apps

With our dedicated trackmt mobile apps you will be in control of your fleet; having real-time location of the vehicles including dashboards, with live routes and vehicle information you can take informed decisions whilst on the move.

The driver will also be in constant communication with the logistics team through the app and can receive real-time messages or routes from the system. The driver will also see driving behaviour rating to help improve the driving skills.

Real-time GPS tracking

View the current location of your fleet wherever they are with current speed, direction, and status

Live Routes with History

View all the routes done for each vehicle by your drivers for the day or select a defined period

Live Traffic

Live traffic can be also be viewed from the app thus, guiding your drivers to avoid traffic jams will be easier than ever

Vehicle and Engine Data

View vehicle data with ease including status, battery voltages, temperature and other critical information.

Real-time Temperature

If your vehicle is equipped with temperature probes these can also be viewed from the app for each vehicle


Different alerts can be setup for each vehicle or event such as speed limit or temperature threshold. These can be easily viewed and received directly in the app.

Built-in Messaging

Your teams can be easily be kept in the loop by communicating with them directly from the app.

Driving Behaviour Rating

Your drivers can easily see their rating from the app, thus helping them improve their driving skills.

Inspection Form

Custom Inspection forms can be easily filled from the app thus avoiding manual paper forms.

Route Planning and Navigation

The driver will receive the optimised route directly in the app, and ready for navigation