The Modules

GPS Tracking

Track the location of your vehicles in real-time wherever they are in the EU with speed, idle time, stoppage time, routes, live traffic and Engine Information.

Fleet Maintenance

With the Fleet Maintenance module you can oversee your fleet information in one simple dashboard. View the information in total or per vehicle. See the total number of vehicles, servicing information, distance driven, and fuel used. You can also Create customised reminders to notify you about important tasks such as servicing and licensing documents. You can also Manage all of your repair costs and add all repair receipts, notes and invoices to each vehicle. This will help keep track and analyse all of the repair costs of each vehicle individually.

Driver Behaviour

Whether you want to improve the performance of your workforce and empower them to drive better, or you’re looking to reduce fines, dispute any insurance claims, reduce accidents or handle complaints from customers this module will surely save you tangible money not only in the long term but instantly.


Inspect your vehicles with ease without the need of paper forms. Create custom forms using our mobile app for different scenarios using daily or weekly schedules. Such inspections will create ownership for your workforce whilst it will help you find issues before they happen.


Track real-time temperature of your vehicle compartments with multiple temperature probes per vehicle such as frozen / chilled / ambient. Apart from vehicles we can track cargo all over the EU with detailed charts where you can view the temperature records easily. In-Conjunction with GPS tracking you can pinpoint exactly where the temperature changes happened if any.

Advanced Alerts

Trackmt advanced alerts module will give you a lot of flexibility and options to receive real-time notifications by email or SMS about issues or data points depending on the following alert types: Object, Services, Technical or Driving alerts.

Route Planning

With the amount of cars and traffic on our roads it is critical that one plans ahead to distribute or collect items/products from different locations. Trackmt route planning and route optimisation modules will help you plan ahead based on different parameters including live traffic, locations, vehicle type, vehicle size etc. The driver will receive the route on a mobile device directly. The driver will update the status of each delivery thus any changes from both backend or driver will be synced in real-time.

Server Room Monitoring

Monitor the temperature and power of your precious equipment and data wherever you are. Set temperature thresholds and alerts for instant notifications against power failures.

Vessel Tracking

Track the vessel location, speed, and route history wherever you are directly from your phone. Receive instant alerts whenever the status of your vessel changes.