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Track.mt platform goes beyond GPS tracking. It is the only fleet management system that incorporates several modules into one system

Why Track

Trackmt platform is the leading Fleet Management Platform on the island for the reason that it goes beyond GPS tracking and it is the only system that incorporates several modules into one system. These include Fleet Servicing and Maintenace, Driver Management, Route Planning, Advanced Reports and Alerts, Powerful APIs and Mobile Apps amongst others.

How it Works

A tracker is installed in each vehicle depending on the vehicle type. The tracker connects automatically to our cloud platform. Our advanced platform will display all the data captured from the tracker in real-time. This includes vehicle location, current speed, driver behaviour, fuel data and temperature records amongst others. The system will also allow you to add more information to each vehicle such as expenses or repairs.

1. Demo Meeting

During our meeting we will explain our business ethos and provide you with a live demo of the system. We will discuss your requirements together with your specific business needs and what will you gain with the trackmt platform. We will also understand what type of vehicles or assets you would like to track and monitor and what other data you would like to add to your platform such as temperature probes or driver identification.

2. Implementation

A project plan is provided which is agreed between both parties, and the installations will commence. Vehicle trackers will be installed in your vehicles and whilst they’re being installed you will immediately start seeing them in the platform. The trackmt platform is very user friendly, and thus it doesn’t take long to familiarise yourself with the system.

3. Benefits

As soon as the vehicles are all added to the platform it doesn’t take long to start seeing the benifts. Apart from knowing where every vehicle is EU wide, we pride ourselves with the other modules of the system which include, Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance, Fuel Management, Route Planning/Optimisation, Driver Behaviour, Advanced Reporting, Anlaytics, and Advanced Alerts.

Your path to a great Fleet Management Platform

Trackmt platform incorporates everything you need to manage your fleet. From the basic tracking to the advanced modules of the system, it will help you save time, money, and take instant descisions on your fleet. You can easily know which vehicles are consuming the most fuel, which vehicles are costing you more in terms of maintenance and repairs and which vehicles are the most fuel efficient per kilometre. This data is crucial to your business.


Companies that reported general safety improvements
Reduced Accidents 32%
Companies that saw reduced fuel costs
Reduced Fuel Costs 55%
Companies that had fewer accidents
Reduced Accidents 42%


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